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• What does YMCA Safe Place Services do?

YMCA Safe Place Services offers programs and services to teens and families who are in crisis and need help. We offer a 24 hour emergency shelter, comprehensive case management and family re-unification services, a 24/hour help line, mobile street-outreach services, and mentoring for kids who have a parent in prison.

Each and every-day, young people just like you use these programs to get the help they need and move forward in a new way.

• Who can use YMCA Safe Place Services?

If you’re 17 or younger and having problems at home, suffering from abuse or neglect, lost or in danger, with a drunk or unsafe driver — or if you just need to talk about a problem — we’re here for you.

• How can I get help?

You can call us any time of day or night at 502.635.5233. Our staff is always here to listen, offer advice or answer questions about whatever is bothering you. And if you need a safe place to stay, you’re always welcome to come to our building at 2400 Crittenden Drive any time you need, 24 hours a day.

We’re located next to the Denny’s at Eastern Parkway and Crittenden Drive. If it’s after 5pm, just ring the front doorbell. You can also reach us by going to any Safe Place site that displays a large yellow and black diamond-shaped “Safe Place” sign or decal. These places have trained staff who can help you get to our building.

• What happens when I go to a Safe Place site?

When you get to a Safe Place site*, just tell someone who works there, “I need a Safe Place.” They’ll find a safe, comfortable spot for you to wait while they contact us.

A Safe Place volunteer or staff member will arrive within 30 to 40 minutes, show their identification and then bring you to our Shelter House at 2400 Crittenden Drive.

*If you need help and the Safe Place site nearest you is closed, call 502.635.5233 and we’ll direct you to the nearest location that’s open.

• What happens when I get to Shelter House?

If you are hungry, we will feed you. If you want to talk about your situation, we will listen to you and work to find a solution. Above all, we will make sure you’re safe.

When you arrive at Shelter House, you will receive everything you need: food, clothing, hygiene products, showering facilities, transportation to your school, family mediation services and any medical attention you might require.

We have male and female dorms, each with 12 beds spread out over four rooms. You’re welcome to stay at Shelter House, but no one will force you to. The decision to leave is always yours. We are a voluntary program.

• What if I’m over 17 years old?

If you’re 18 to 22 years old and you don’t have a place to stay, YMCA Safe Place Services can help you find emergency shelter and think through your options. Just contact our Street Outreach Program Director, Rita Murphy, at 502.635.4410.

• Will you contact my parents/caregiver?

Our top priority is keeping you safe. Eventually we will need to contact your parents to let them know where you are and that you are safe. But whatever protection you need, we will get it for you before doing anything else.

• How can Safe Place help me if I have an incarcerated parent?

If you are struggling because you have a parent or caregiver in jail or prison we can help. Our Y-NOW Mentoring program helps to deal with the pain and stigma of having an incarcerated parent or caregiver.