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• What is YMCA Safe Place Services?

YMCA Safe Place Services offers family strengthening and reunification programs for teens and families in crisis. We offer a 24 hour emergency shelter, comprehensive case management and family re-unification services, a 24/hour help line, mobile street-outreach services, and mentoring for kids who have a parent in prison.

Every-day, parents and caregivers use these programs to find family solutions and get the help they need.

• How can I get help?

You can come by yourself or with your teen to our main office located at 2400 Crittenden Drive any time you need, 24 hours a day. We’re located next to the Denny’s at Eastern Parkway and Crittenden Drive. If it’s after 5pm, ring the front doorbell.

You may also call 502.635.5233 to get advice or to ask questions about things that are bothering you. If there are better alternatives to assist in your situation, we will refer you to the best local option for your family.

• Who can use YMCA Safe Place Services?

Any parent or guardian of a teen 12 to 17 can use our services; teens may self refer. Because of generous community support, we are able to provide all of our services at no charge.

In addition, we also provide case management support to young adults age 18 to 22. This population is extremely vulnerable to dangerous situations, and if circumstances at home can be resolved, it would be safer for them to return home and work on a plan to address their particular issue.

• What happens at Shelter House?

Once you arrive at Shelter House, a case manager will privately discuss the issues that you and your child are struggling with. Our goal is to keep your family together by focusing on its strengths and building on the skills needed to be successful.

Our staff has decades of experience working holistically with families. We aren’t here to judge, and we take both sides into account — yours and your child’s. After listening to you and getting an understanding of your situation, it may be recommended that each of you spend some time apart. Ultimately, our goal is for you and your child to come away with a plan to make things better at home.

Our Shelter House Program offers youth ages 12 to 17 a place to stay while things cool down at home. We have dorms for males and females, and each area has 12 beds spread out over four individual rooms.

While your child is here he or she will be well cared for and provided with a safe, structured environment with life skills and activities that nurture their well-being. We provide a bed, food, clothing (if they need it), hygiene products, shower facilities, transportation to school and family mediation services. We will also look after any medical attention your child may need.

• How can I get involved in the next Y-NOW Mentoring Program?

Call Rebecca Hentz at 502.635.4393

• How long is the commitment for the mentoring program?

One year.

• What are the criteria for teens participating in the program?

– Services are available for children between 11 and 15 years old (age requirement evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
– Must have at least one parent incarcerated
– Must commit to attending a weekend workshop, participating in monthly group meetings and working with a mentor weekly for 12 months