Giving Homeless Teens and Young Adults a Chance at a Better Life

Homelessness is a real problem in our community. It is estimated that thousands of youth and young adults in our community are unstably housed and don’t have a bed or home of their own. What’s worse, many suffer from mental illness, alcohol or drug addiction and/or engage in high-risk sexual behaviors.

The YMCA Safe Place Services’ Street Outreach Program was created to educate homeless teens and young adults about the help available to them and give them immediate support in meeting their basic needs of food, water, shelter and hygiene supplies.

Our Street Outreach Program provides assistance for teens and young adults who may have fallen into drug use, prostitution, gangs or domestic violence — or those who have aged out of foster care or have been kicked out of their homes.

Street Outreach teams survey and visit parts of Louisville at varying times of day and night depending on the observations and reports of other street youth and past experience.

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